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Support the children in the community with homework tutoring in Harvey, LA.

Help Us Improve Our Community

Year-Round Support and Community Service in Harvey, LA

Social and educational development are powerful tools that can help improve an individual's life as well as the lives of those around them. That's why Social, Education, and Athletic Club, Inc. (SEA) offers everything from school supplies and uniforms to senior care and transportation. Our community service in Harvey, LA, helps make a difference in the New Orleans community, and the surrounding area.

Making a Difference

SEA's primary goal is to reach out to people in free society, as well as those individuals behind prison walls, and help them develop socially and educationally.We want to instill in them a sense of fair play and good sportsmanship in all recreational ventures with our community services, as well as a prisoner outreach program for ex-convicts. It's important that we provide homework tutoring services that would give young people the support and tools that they need for a proper education. Education has the ability to change people's lives, reduce poverty, foster peace, and make people healthier. We want to make sure that people have an opportunity to improve their status.

Our 501(c)(3) believes in living by the democratic principles that are forefathers laid out. SEA wants to improve the community and aid individuals who have suffered hardship with fundraising programs. Together, we can make a difference by providing:

• Senior Citizen Programs
• Back-to-School Programs
• Clothing
• State Certified Apprenticeship in Plumbing Classes (Tuesdays 5pm - 8pm)
• Community Service Hours
• Our Rural Urban Regional Health Coalition
• Nutrition Classes (Mondays 5:30pm - 7pm)
• Tutoring (Saturdays 9am - 11am)
Rose flyer for community outreach in Harvey, LA.